Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold Removal Worcester MA

Mold is a type of fungus that can be found both inside and outside the home or workplace. It thrives on moisture and reproduces via tiny spores that travel through the air. Believe it or not, humans are exposed to mold everyday. While small amounts of mold spores are typically harmless, they can grow and colonize if they land on damp or moist areas in structures. When released into the air in large quantities, mold spores can be inhaled by humans, thus leading to a variety of health issues.

Where is Mold Found?

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Mold can grow on wood, gypsum board, paint, wallpaper, carpet, furniture, and more. The areas within a home that are susceptible to mold growth are bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, crawl spaces and attics. Mold growth can also be attributed to water damage that was not identified and adequately remediated.

If you have mold, you need to contact a certified professional--that’s where we come in. Advanced Cleaning & Restoration has been providing mold remediation services in the Central MA area since 1992. Our technicians are certified in mold remediation with the IICRC as Applied Microbial Restorers. If necessary, we will utilize an independent hygienist to perform mold testing and develop protocols for remediation.

Mold Remediation and Restoration Process

Site Evaluation 
We will perform an on-site inspection to determine the presence of mold and develop a remediation procedure. We provide visual inspections, moisture testing (using evasive and non-evasive methods), and infrared testing. Depending on our findings, and the degree of mold contamination, we may recommend an independent hygienist for testing and developing a remediation protocol.

Dispatch of Technicians
We will provide you with a team of technicians, all utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE).

We will set up containment stations using plastic sheathing and zip walls to isolate the contaminated areas of the building.

Remediation Equipment 
We will install air scrubbers for air cleansing and negative air pressure within the contained area. We’ll also install dehumidifiers to keep the contained space dry throughout the remediation process.

Removal of Personal Property
We will remove all damaged items from the affected location, cleaning and disinfecting all salvageable items and properly disposing of what is non-salvageable.

Removal of Affected Surfaces and Structures
We will remove and dispose of affected wallboard, carpet and other cosmetic surfaces. We will also remove surface mold on framing, ceiling rafters and wood sheathing using light sanding, wire brushing and hepa vacuuming. Media blasting can be used to remove deeply-set staining.

We will apply industry-approved disinfectants to kill remaining spores and remove staining.

Topical Coatings
Biocide clear coats and paints can be applied to cleaned surfaces as an added protective measure to help with prevention of future mold growth.

Post-Remediation Testing
This will be provided by an independent hygienist to certify the mold was removed properly, and to provide the customer with a clearance test report.

Mold Remediation Worcester ma
Mold Remediation and Restoration— Before and After